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We do complete audiometric testing with our state of the art equipment. First we do an Otoscopic exam of your ears to check for wax buildup which you can see on our video screen. Next we do a Tympanogram to show any middle ear abnormalities which might affect your hearing such as pressure problems, holes in the eardrum, etc. After these 2 exams, we run a complete audiometric test with not only air and bone tone scores but also speech testing to determine how well you are understanding currently. All of these results figure into your complete hearing evaluation and give us a better picture of the nature and severity of your loss.


The fitting of hearing aids is one of the most important aspects of what we do. On any of our hearing aids (other than entry level trimmer digital technology) we import your hearing test scores into our fitting computer and then program the hearing aids to match your hearing loss. This allows us to maximize the clarity with which you understand while wearing the hearing aids because you get the appropriate amount of volume at the specific frequencies where it is needed. On follow up appointments, we are able to fine tune your hearing aids based on your experience; if some things are too loud or off pitch, we can make adjustments to rectify the situation to better normalize what you are hearing. We also have a Speech Mapping machine which allows us to check your fitting against your hearing loss to ensure your hearing aid is set at the proper values to maximize speech understanding.

Service & Maintenance

Every hearing aid purchased at Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center comes with a no charge service plan for as long as the hearing aid is worn by the purchaser. This includes a free yearly hearing screening, adjustments to the hearing aids, as well as cleaning and checking the hearing aids, which is normally done every 3 months. This allows us to keep your hearing aids working in top condition and prevent problems from occurring such as those most often caused by dirt, wax, or moisture buildup.

Out of Warranty Repairs

Once your hearing aids have gone out of the purchased warranty length there are still options to have them covered. We offer some out of warranty repairs in-house as well as 1 year service warranty plans or repairs with a 1 year warranty which are carried out at a repair lab. In many cases you can also choose to extend the warranty of your hearing aids either at the time of purchase, or at the end of your warranty period, with discounts usually applying if they are added at the time of purchase.


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