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Hearing devices for hearing loss: Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center in Dexter & Poplar Bluff, Missouri

At Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center of Poplar Bluff and Dexter, Missouri, we offer the latest in cutting edge technology and expertise to help you with the problems of hearing loss. We use the latest in audiometric testing equipment to discover your loss and understanding capabilities as well as Typanograms to check for middle ear issues. We then take this information and use it to custom set hearing devices to match your hearing loss. We also take into account what your lifestyle is to help tailor the proper solution to best fit your particular needs. 

Our hearing aids, from manufacturers such as Unitron, Siemens, GN ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, and Starkey are at the forefront of hearing aid technology when it comes to issues such as not only hearing better, but understanding better, especially in the presence of noise. Many of our current models have top of the line noise reduction and speech clarity capabilities that will help you understand better in many different environments, not just the quiet places. Being an independent dealer allows us to check the various manufacturers for what is best for you as we are not constrained by only working with one hearing aid manufacturer. We also pride ourselves on our work after the sale, conducting follow up adjustments and yearly hearing tests as well as cleanings at no charge to you. 

We offer hearing aids in all styles from the nearly invisible completely in-the-canal custom aids to the open fit receiver in-the-canal technology which is the most comfortable and natural sounding hearing device. The staff of Hearing Instrument Specialists at Quality Choice are state-licensed to be able to provide for your hearing healthcare needs and we are more than happy to help you in any way possible. We are here to answer any of your questions so don't hesitate to contact us!

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