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At Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center, Inc. we believe that life sounds far too sweet to miss the details, so we don’t want you to settle for less than the best. We offer the latest hearing technology in multiple styles, and support that with customer service that you can only find at a locally owned business like Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center, Inc. Which means you can expect expert solutions without sacrificing that small-town relationship!

Our state licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists provide comprehensive audiometric testing to assess your hearing needs, then will discuss several factors with you before making a recommendation for addressing your loss.

Together, you and your Specialist will discuss:

Your specific hearing loss
Your lifestyle and listening needs
Dexterity and visual abilities
Your budget
Style or cosmetic desires
Brand preference
Any other personal or medical considerations

All of these factors will help us tailor a solution to your specific needs so you can hear all the sounds you love. 

We also pride ourselves on maintaining a strong commitment to your hearing after the sale, giving you regular maintenance appointments, as well as yearly hearing assessments and adjustments to keep you hearing what matters most.

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